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Field Day is not that far away.  Tonight, your CCARES Board met and determined that, due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole membership should have a say in whether we have Field Day at Fire Station 1 this year, as we have in years past.

We will NOT have a Get On The Air (GOTA) station and can only have a maximum of two HF transmitters.  The EOC Radio Room can support a maximum of two people, with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the same goes for the Telecom Maintenance building Break Room.  The EOC Radio Room would house the HF Data station and VHF/UHF Simplex station and the Break Room, in the hours of darkness, would house the Voice HF station with the Transceiver and associated gear moved to the parking lot immediately outside the door during daylight hours.  This is how we COULD operate at FS1.

Our other option is to have FD at our home stations and cooperate with each other to make as many contacts, and have as much fun, as possible.

If you cannot participate in the Zoom meeting, please make your wishes known via email or during the Sunday Night Net at 8pm.  If you need the Zoom meeting ID and password, please email info@ccares.net

I hope to hear from you!

Kevin Sherwood, AJ7C, President
Culver City ARES (CCARES)

The CCARES Board of Directors are in the process of determining whether Field Day can be held at CCFD Fire Station One.  Part of that process will involve input from you, the members!

Our current focus is the response to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus outbreak, which is now a national emergency.  The Culver City Coronavirus Update page is here.

Our latest and greatest activity is yet to be named but for now let’s call it HF Days.  The aim is to provide time at the Radio Room at Fire Station 1 for CCARES members, regardless of license class, can learn and experience the operation of our equipment.  Attendees are encouraged to review the “HF Weak Signal” page, and it’s linked pages, under CCARES 101 prior to attending an HF Day.  This will ensure that you have the prerequisite information that will enable you to learn the practical application of operating the HF equipment.  We will start by having HF Day on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 1pm.  Due to the limited space and equipment, we will only be able to have a limited number of members attending each HF Day.  Please send an email to ccares@ccares.net indicating that you would like to attend an HF Day and the date that you would like.  We hope to see you there!

We are excited to be offering a new Club Day format! Our Club Days will be held once a month on the third Saturday of the month from 10 am – 1 pm. Come out to learn, become proficient, and operate the station equipment! We can also program radios.

Club Day Activity plan:

  • 10a – 10:30a: General housekeeping & check of the systems in the radio room.
  • 10:30a – 10:45a: A short check-in Net utilizing members who are on hand to conduct the net. We will announce any activities we have planned for the day and invite folks to join us. We might also have variants of the net exploring Simplex, Winlink & ARDEN check-ins as time goes on.
  • The focus of club day and subjects covered will change from month to month, some days we will perform hands-on work with equipment, some days will involve field work with radios & some with outside presenters.

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If you have not yet been to our Radio Room, the “talk-in” procedure is to use our repeater, K6CCR-R, on 445.6, -5MHz offset, CTCSS code 131.8. If you do not have a radio, please call the EOC Radio Room at (310) 253-6848 for access instructions.

Kevin Sherwood, AJ7C
President, Culver City ARES (CCARES)