Join us for our weekly practice net every Sunday night at 8:00 PM on the K6CCR repeater 445.600 MHz, CTCSS code 131.8. Visitor check-ins are always welcome. EchoLink is available at K6CCR-R.

The next HAM radio test will be held November 21, 2015. For additional information please email or click here for more information.




The Mission of CCARES is to train and organize amateur radio operators in emergency communications.

CCARES was formed by a group of ham radio operators who wanted to give back something to their community. Through amateur radio we serve as extra eyes and ears for the Culver City Fire Department and the Culver City Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This has been made possible by the tremendous support from both the Fire Department and the City Government. CCARES has an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) built in Fire Station 1, and a mobile Command Vehicle with radio communications ability. Both the EOC and the Command Vehicle were built by CCARES members.

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The K6CCR repeater is located in the Baldwin Hills. The repeater frequency is 445.600 MHz, ctcss code 131.8.

Each of the 3 Fire Department Districts in Culver City has its own simplex frequency:

District 1 = 144.330 MHz. (simplex)
District 2 = 146.445 MHz. (simplex)
District 3 = 147.570 MHz. (simplex)

CCARES Packet Station, K6CCR operates 24 hours-a-day on 145.630 MHz. (simplex, located at Fire Station # 1)


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Click here for information on the ROUTE 66 event and how to get a QSL card.


Click here to see the full size version of the CCARES Affiliation Certificate

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