Winter Field Day 2024

Winter Field Day is almost here and we plan to participate! All CCARES members are called out to participate in this Amateur Radio event. We have two locations which we will operate from. At the west side of tellefson Park, along Bentley Ave, we will set up on the picnic table on the concrete slab where we set up for ShakeOut 2023. We will deploy an HF Voice station, a CCARES Go Box with VHF and UHF, and an AREDN Mesh radio with associated equipment. This location will shut down operations at sunset.

The second location is at CCFD Station 2 in their back parking lot. There we will operate an HF Digital, VHF/UHF/SHF  Digital, and and AREDN Mesh radio with associated equipment.

This year’s Winter Field Day will set up at 9am and begin operations at 11am PST on Saturday, January 27, 2024.  We will not be operating for the whole twenty-four hours but plan to cease Ops about sunset on Saturday.

If you wish to operate at the Digital stations at FS2, please take a moment to sign up and let us know when you plan to operate by clicking the link below. Since these radios will operate for 24 hours, we need to make sure that we cover all of the available hours.

CCARES Winter Field Day Digital Station Registration

Winter Field Day Home Page