About Us

Field Day Operations

The Culver City Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CCARES) is a volunteer organization of area residents who have obtained an FCC amateur radio license. CCARES works with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), whom they are directly affiliated with, the Culver City Fire Department, and the Culver City Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to provide communication in case of emergencies that might disable telephone or cellular service. Community members are encouraged to study for and take the 35 question test required for this FCC radio license, acquire a radio and join us in assisting with vital inter-neighborhood and Culver City wide communications in cases of widespread disaster or emergency.

How do I get involved?

Contact us at info@ccares.net if you are or would like to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and will agree to support CCARES during disaster operations.


The K6CCR repeater is located near the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and is on:

445.6 MHz, CTCSS code 131.8, standard offset of -5 MHz.

CCARES Essential Channel List

CCARES has a Winlink Packet Gateway Station, K6CCR-10, which operates 24/7 on:

  • 145.05 MHz/1200bps.
  • 431.125 MHz/9600bps

In addition, AJ7C-10 is a Winlink Hybrid Gateway which will auto-forward via HF if there is no Internet connection plus HF VARA/ARDOP/PACTOR1-3 on (center frequencies):

  • 3.597 MHz
  • 7.102 MHz
  • 14.108 MHz